Senator Clarence Nishihara grew up in the Upcountry town of Makawao on the island of Maui, where he was surrounded by hard-working small farmers.  It was from these humble beginnings that he inherited his love for the land and respect for the people who work on it, as well as love of family and maintaining strong family ties.Senator Nishihara’s parents instilled in him the values of hard work, compassion for others, and most importantly, being honest, fair, and upholding the highest ethical standards.  He was brought up with the values of keeping one’s word and maintaining one’s integrity.

As a resident of Waipahu for 38 years, Senator Clarence Nishihara takes pride in his community and the larger community which he represents.  In his eight years in office, Senator Nishihara has fought hard for and been successful in obtaining funding for projects such as the Leeward YMCA, Leeward Community College, West Oahu College, and the Filipino Community Center.  His goal has been to make our communities strong, and to make our community a good place to live and raise our families.

Having served in the Department of Education for 20 years as a special education teacher and 10 years as a school administrator, Senator Nishihara has always believed in the importance of education and has been a strong advocate for Hawaii’s public schools.  Throughout his eight years in the Senate, he has advocated for and has been successful in obtaining funding for the public schools within Pearl City and Waipahu.

Senator Nishihara’s caring and compassionate nature are evident in his everyday dealings with people, regardless of their status, level of education, or ethnicity.  He is always open to listening to people’s concerns—big or small—and works diligently to resolve any issues that are brought to his attention.

In his eight years in office, Senator Nishihara has worked on building and maintaining positive working relationships with his fellow legislators, community leaders, community residents and others, and these positive relationships have served him well in “getting things done” for our community.